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Landschaft LuxemburgA warm welcome to the website oft he Tourist Region Vianden. This region has a long tradition. In fact it´s tradition goes back to more then 100 years. The reasons fort he popularity of the region are divers. First of all the location of the region is according to many visitors very beautiful.

The view from the castle is astonishing and the architecture of the old buildings speak for themselves. As such it is no surprise that every year thousands of people come to visit the region Vianden, not only in the context of the medieval event but also to relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

The characteristics of the region contribute to ist longstanding reputation as an important region fort he country that attracts the interest of many people from different European countries, such as Germany, France and of course the Netherlands.

If you would like to get to know the region better you are at the right place. This website covers various topics oft he region, of course in different languages such as German, Dutch and English.